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Regulatory Affairs

Alectra Utilities Corporation - OEB Scorecard

In accordance with Ontario Energy Board ("OEB") regulatory policy, Alectra Utilities is providing its 2018 scorecard to customers on our website. This scorecard is accompanied by management discussion and analysis that explains the scorecard results. These measures will give valuable insight into how well Alectra Utilities is performing each year relative to measures determined by the regulatory body, the OEB.

Click on the following link to view the 2018 OEB Scorecard

Alectra Utilities' rates and services are regulated by the OEB, an independent provincial government agency. Alectra holds Electricity Distribution Licence No. ED-2016-0360. Below are the most recent applications and submissions made by Alectra Utilities.

Alectra Utilities' 2020 Rate Application

Alectra Utilities Corporation applied to change its electricity distribution rates effective January 1, 2020.

Alectra Utilities' 2019 Rate Application

Mergers, Acquisitions, Amalgamation and Divestitures

Alectra Utilities' 2018 Rate Application

Alectra Utilities Corporation applied to change its electricity distribution rates effective January 1, 2018. Alectra Utilities Corporation 2018 Electricity Distribution Rate Application

As the second largest electricity distributor in Ontario, Alectra Utilities actively participates in various industry consultations, including OEB proceedings, consultations with Electricity Distributors Association, Coalition of Large Distributors, Independent Electricity System Operator and other industry stakeholders.

Electricity Retailing – Disclosure to Consumers, O. Reg. 416/99, requires retailers to disclose to consumers the Ontario system-wide electricity supply mix in the manner established by the Ontario Energy Board. The Board’s Directive for the Disclosure of Information to Consumers by Electricity Retailers under Ontario Regulation 416/99 prescribes the manner and timing requirements for this disclosure.

The Directive applies to all retailers, including distributors that provide standard supply service.

Under O. Reg. 416/99 the Ministry of Energy is responsible for providing Ontario’s electricity supply mix data for electricity suppliers. The following label discloses the system-wide electricity supply mix data for 2017. This data must be used by electricity suppliers for the purposes of complying with the disclosure obligations of O. Reg. 416/99 and the Directive. This data should be considered current until further notice.      
Electricity Facts
Electricity Sources Ontario’s Electricity Mix*
Water power 23.9%
Alternative power sources 10.8%
     Solar PV      2.3%
     Wind      8.0%
     Biomass**      0.5%
     Waste      0%
Nuclear Energy 58.4%
Natural Gas * 6.2%
Non-Contracted*** 0.8%
*Includes both transmission and distribution-connected/embedded generation * Includes Lennox, dual fuel (ng/bio) consistent with IESO. ** IESO’s embedded generation data set merges biomass and gas. *** Non-Contracted represents a variety of fuel types that the IESO is unable to categorize due to a lack of information from Local Distribution Companies (LDCs).