Who’s Responsible for Storm Damage Repairs

Severe weather can strike quickly and leave behind a trail of destruction. This is why it’s important to take stock of any damage that may have been done to your home after a storm. 

When Alectra Utilities is Responsible

In a typical underground installation, we’re responsible for the wires running underground from the transformer on the public easement to the meter base as well as for the meter. 

When the Property Owner is Responsible

Generally, the property owner’s responsibility begins where the wires connect to the building. 

In a typical underground installation, the property owner is responsible for the meter base, as well as for the wires running from the meter base into the building and into the panel. 

In an overhead installation where the wires come from the road and attach to a service mast, the property owner is responsible from the top of the service mast into the building’s electrical panel. 

When there is damage to the electrical supply attached to your home, Alectra Utilities may not be able to reconnect the power until the property owner contacts a licensed electrician to make the repairs. In some cases where you do have power, repairs may still be necessary to maintain a safe connection. 

Overhead & Underground Services

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TIP: We recommend that you write down 2-3 licensed electricians’ phone numbers and keep them in your emergency contacts so they’re always at your fingertips. 

Need a list of licensed electricians in your area? The Electrical Safety Authority website is a great resource. 

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