Outage Prevention

We work year-round to maintain, repair and upgrade the Alectra Utilities electricity distribution system to ensure reliability of your electricity service.  

Here are some of the more common programs we perform on a cycle or as-needed basis: 

  • Tree trimming program to proactively identify and manage vegetation growth that may come into contact with overhead power lines. 
  • Visually inspect power lines and equipment to identify issues and take preventive measures before they fail. 
  • Install lightning arrestors to prevent damage to equipment due to lightning strikes. 
  • Install animal guards on our equipment to prevent animal contacts. 
  • Install switches to sectionalize feeder circuits into smaller segments and deploy distribution automation and smart grid practices. 
  • Collect outage information and statistics that allow us to pinpoint problem areas in the system. We analyze outages and implement corrective measures as required.
    This may include: additional tree trimming, maintenance activities on a particular power line or area, system reconfiguration, installing automatic devices, building new infrastructure or replacing end of life equipment. 

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