Vegetation Management
Tree tops along a power line

Did you know that tree contact or trees growing too close to power lines are severe safety hazards and a major cause of power interruptions during high winds and storms?

Our team works year-round to maintain, repair, and upgrade Alectra Utilities’ electricity distribution system to ensure reliability of your electricity service. Recognizing the importance of protecting power lines and infrastructure from vegetation, we dedicate significant resources (approximately $5 million per year) to our tree trimming program that identifies and manages vegetation growth near overhead power lines and equipment.

Our Approach

With safety and reliability in mind, we take a proactive approach to vegetation management by conducting tree trimming frequently to ensure that adequate clearances are maintained between our power lines and surrounding vegetation. When performing this work, we make every attempt to balance aesthetics and tree health with public safety and service reliability requirements.  


Proper maintenance of trees and vegetation growing around overhead powerlines is vital to avoid potential electrical hazards and power interruptions. Overgrown trees close to powerlines can interfere with energized lines, creating safety hazards. We want to remind you of the following safety tips to help you stay safe: 

  • Never attempt to trim any trees or other vegetation growing near or on overhead power lines.  
  • For the health and beauty of your tree, and for your family's safety, you should hire a qualified arborist to trim, maintain, or remove your trees. Only Alectra linespersons and our approved Contractors are qualified to manage vegetation close to our power lines. If you or your Arborist are trimming or removing a tree close to our power lines, please contact us to assist or provide advice.  
  • When planting a tree, research the full size that it will grow to at maturity. Avoid locations near overhead and underground power lines. Always call ON1Call at 1-800-400-2255 before you dig! 

Notification Process

Apart from emergency situations, we notify customers before conducting tree trimming activities on or near their property. We communicate this through letters, door-hangers, in-person discussions, or by telephone.  

Our lines are routinely patrolled to ensure that branches do not interfere with electrical services. However, Alectra Utilities is not responsible for tree trimming on private property. If you are concerned that a tree is growing too close to power lines or other electrical equipment, please report it by phone at 1-833-253-2872 (Option 1), or use our online form at Our trained experts can assess your situation and will provide advice on how to proceed safely.

If you have any questions about which forestry practices will be implemented on or near your property, or why this important work needs to occur, please contact us at

Environmental Protection

Investing in proper maintenance is crucial for the health of trees and any other vegetation. Our arborists undertake the following tree trimming tasks in a safe and responsible manner:  

  • “Pruning” – cutting branches and/or removing limbs to reduce tree size and manage growth in accordance with established Arboriculture practice.  
  • “Natural Pruning” – a method by which branches are cut at the branch collar lowering the chance of unwanted growth and promoting tree health.  

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