Damage Claims

Claims for damages 

Alectra Utilities is committed to providing our customers with safe, reliable electric service. We design, build, maintain and operate our facilities in accordance with industry standards and regulatory requirements designed to deliver a steady, stable supply of power to customers. 

Despite our efforts to provide a high level of service, Alectra cannot guarantee perfect service – malfunctioning equipment, inclement weather, interference from wildlife or trees, and other forces beyond Alectra’s control can result in service interruptions, power surges or voltage irregularities that can damage our customers’ property. 

Under rules approved by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), Alectra is not liable for damage claims involving power outages, low voltage or power surges caused by: severe weather or other circumstances beyond our control; during repairs or routine maintenance, including meter exchanges; or during energy curtailment or blackout events. 

Based on the OEB’s Distribution System Code, Alectra’s claims team investigates claims submitted by customers who have incurred costs due to something within our control. 

To know if you can file a claim with Alectra Utilities regarding damage you have incurred, please read the following information carefully.

Select the type of damage:

Damage to your electric or electronic appliances

Even if the cause of the damage is electrical, this does not mean that Alectra Utilities is liable. 

Barring gross or intentional fault, Alectra offers no compensation for damage to a device or appliance. We strongly advise you to contact your insurer in a case such as this. 

Below are examples of situations where Alectra cannot be held liable for damages: 

  • A meteorological event (e.g., a storm) 
  • Voltage or frequency variations or losses – it is up to you to protect your electrical installation and electronic appliances against such events, for instance, using power bars with surge protection. 
  • A service interruption caused by an emergency, an accident, equipment failure or the activation of system protective devices 
  • A service interruption or non-delivery of electricity due to maintenance, repairs, system modification/management or for reasons of public utility or safety 

See Alectra’s Conditions of Service approved by the OEB.

Loss of food, income or production resulting from an outage or work on the system

Barring gross or intentional fault, Alectra Utilities offers no compensation for losses incurred due to an outage. 

Alectra may, at any time, interrupt electricity service for system maintenance or safety reasons. However, in the case of a planned service interruption, we make every effort to inform you in advance (robocalls and telephone notifications). 

We advise you to contact your insurer. 

See Alectra’s Conditions of Service approved by the OEB.

Property damage caused by Alectra Utilities employees or representatives

If an Alectra Utilities employee or representative sees that they have caused damage while working on your property, they will leave a notice to that effect on your door. 

• If the notice bears the Alectra Utilities logo, we will get in touch with you to remedy the situation. 

• If the notice does not bear the Alectra Utilities logo, this means the work was carried out by another company. You must contact them directly. 

If you believe an Alectra employee or representative has caused damage to your property without leaving you a notice, you may file a claim with us. However, we do suggest that you start by calling your insurer, who will help you analyze the situation. 

Reimbursement for a bill you received from an electrician

Alectra Utilities will only reimburse for an invoice in cases where we have advised you to contact an electrician and the issue is determined to be with Alectra’s equipment. There is no reimbursement if you hired the electrician without having first contacted Alectra.

Reimbursement for trees cut down or pruned on your property

To maintain the reliability of electricity service, Alectra Utilities must ensure that trees don’t damage the power distribution system. Depending on where trees are and what their function is, the company may prune or cut them down. Work is done in compliance with best practices, and tree waste is disposed of as the situation warrants. Vegetation control work does not constitute property damage, unless an accident occurs. Visit our Vegetation Management page for more information.

Reimbursement for inconvenience and loss of income

Alectra Utilities is committed to doing everything reasonably possible to ensure the quality and reliability of our service. While we apologize for any disruptions to your electricity service, Alectra does not provide compensation for loss of income, or any inconvenience suffered by the customer as a result of a power outage or damage to property.

Vehicle damage following a collision

Ontario has a “no-fault” insurance system. You must call your broker or insurer directly in the event of a collision between two or more vehicles. This rule also applies to collisions involving an Alectra Utilities vehicle. 

Even if Alectra is liable, your insurer is the one who must contact us, if necessary. In fact, all motorists are directly compensated by their insurer. 

When a vehicle collides with a pole or any other Alectra equipment 

If damage is incurred as a result of a collision between your vehicle and a utility pole or other equipment belonging to Alectra Utilities, you must call your insurer, who will then contact us, if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my claim be assessed?

Under the terms and conditions of Alectra Utilities’ liability policy, all claims are referred to our insurer.

How long will my claim take?

It typically takes 60-90 days for Alectra Utilities’ insurer to review an individual claim from the time it is received. Once we receive your claim and supporting information and documentation, Alectra and our insurer commence an investigation to determine the cause of the incident. Every claim is different and requires a specific set of considerations and there may be circumstances where the investigation requires additional time.

How are claims paid?

If the investigation performed by Alectra Utilities and our insurer determines that your damages have resulted from Alectra’s negligence or willful misconduct, you will be paid the lesser of two amounts: 

  1. The cost to repair the damaged item, or 
  2. The value of an item of like kind and quality that has the same amount of wear and tear as the item that was damaged. Claims are paid based on depreciated value as per the example below. 

Claims are not paid out based on the replacement value. 

For example: If you purchased a refrigerator for $1,000 (which typically has a 10-year useful life), and the damage occurred after four years, the amount of compensation would likely be $600 if Alectra Utilities was found negligent. 

Payments for any amounts determined to be owed are sent by cheque to you directly from our insurer.

Should I contact my personal insurance company?

Although every claim and policy is different, we recommend contacting your insurance agent or broker to find out if you are covered for the damage. 

There may be benefits to claiming a loss through your personal insurance: 

  • Insurance companies typically pay full replacement value for any damaged items, whereas if Alectra Utilities is found negligent, you would be paid the lesser of the cost to repair the damaged item or the value of an item of like kind and quality. 
  • Insurance companies may reimburse you in instances where the damages did not result from Alectra’s negligence or willful misconduct.
Do I need to keep my damaged items?

Yes, please do not throw away any damaged items until a decision has been made on your claim, since we may need to validate damaged items.

What if my items need to be repaired or replaced immediately?

We understand there are circumstances where items may require immediate repair or replacement. You are responsible for paying for any replacements, repairs, or technicians’ bills until a decision has been made on your claim. If you need to replace your items immediately, please keep the damaged equipment until your claim has been processed.

Submitting Claim Information 

Email Claim 

Download and complete the PDF claims form, and submit it along with any receipts, photos and other documents by email to claims@alectrautilities.com with the Subject: Alectra Utilities Damage Claims 

Mail-in Claim 

Download, print and complete our claims form and mail it along with any receipts, photos and other documents to: 

Alectra Utilities Corporation  
2185 Derry Road West  
Mississauga, ON L5N 7A6  
Attention: Insurance Department 

Still have questions? Please contact the Alectra Utilities Claims Department at 1-888-932-3671.

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