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City landscape view with Alectra graphic on overlay
City landscape view with Alectra graphic on overlay

We’re committing to plant a tree for every customer who switches to ebilling, up to 10,000 trees, to help protect and restore green spaces in our communities. Join us today alongside Forests Ontario and you can help do your part to fight climate change.

It’s easy to switch to paperless ebilling

Login or Register for My Account and select ebilling. Your next bill will be paperless.

Join the 320,000 others who benefit from ebilling

By making the switch to ebilling, you not only help build a sustainable future, you also:

  • Have access to your bills anytime, anywhere
  • Receive instant email reminders when your statement is ready to be viewed
  • Have more secure access to your bills
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Switch to ebilling today!

Here's how to make the switch

How to switch to paperless ebilling:

  1. Log in to My Account
  2. Click the "Enable paperless billing" button on the dashboard
  3. Verify your selection with your password

Not registered for My Account yet?

  1. Register for My Account
  2. Say "Yes" to ebilling

All you need is your Alectra Utilities account number and your last payment amount.

By switching to ebilling, together we can reduce the environmental impact of paper bills each year* by:

  • Reducing 199,445 pounds of waste
  • Lowering water usage by 3.6 million gallons
  • Eliminating almost 3 million pounds of carbon dioxide
  • Saving over 4 billion BTUs of energy

More contactless convenience

*Environmental impact estimates were made using Environmental Paper Network Paper Calculator Version 4.0. For more information visit www.papercalculator.org.

Make the switch and experience the benefits of paperless billing. In My Account simply click the “paperless ebilling” box and the switch paperless is done. Not registered yet for My Account? Paperless billing is preselected for you on the signup form.


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