Understand your energy data with Green Button

Download or connect your energy data (electricity usage, billing, and utility account information) to discover ways to conserve energy and save money using Green Button.

What is Green Button? 

Customer demand for digital access to their data is growing.

Green Button is a solution that empowers customers with easy, secure digital access to their energy data.

It provides a standardized format in North America for account holders to authorize downloading or connecting their energy data to help them better understand, manage, and optimize their energy waste to save resources — and money.

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The Green Button Standard

Green Button Download My Data

Green Button Download My Data allows utility account holders to access their energy data in a standardized format. For Alectra Utilities customers, this means downloading an industry-standard XML data file of your electricity usage directly through My Account. You can use this data to view your historical and present electricity usage, bills, analyze trends, and make informed energy-management choices.

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Green Button Connect My Data

The Green Button Connect My Data standard enables utility account holders to authorize the secure transfer of their energy data to approved third parties. Green Button Connect My Data is an energy industry standard for enabling access to, and secure sharing of, an account holder’s energy data. Because Green Button uses a standardized format across North America, third party developers can quickly create and offer products, services, and applications that help Alectra Utilities customers like you find new ways to manage and conserve energy.

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How to get started with Green Button

To get started saving on your energy costs with Green Button Download My Data, you will need to Login or Register with My Account.

Once logged in to My Account, go to the Meter Data section and click on My Time-of-Use Data - Download. Follow the instructions to download your Green Button data.

Green Button Connect My Data is coming soon!

Soon products, services, and application vendors (third party providers) will be able to let you know they are approved by Alectra Utilities for Green Button Connect My Data. Through a link on their website, they will ask for your authorization to share your energy data and automatically redirect you to Alectra Utilities. Once logged in, you can select the energy data and time period you would like to authorize and complete the connection with the third party provider(s). You can revoke the authorization at any time.

Read the Alectra Utilities Green Button Privacy Policy.

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Are you a third party provider? 

If you’re a third party provider who would like to connect with Alectra Utilities customers through Green Button and be showcased as an energy-management or savings application within the marketplace, watch for the Alectra Utilities Third Party Company Registration form - it’s coming soon! Upon successful registration, you will receive details on how to connect with Alectra Utilities customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Green Button?

Green Button is a government mandated data standard that provides electricity customers like you with more choice of how you access your energy data. Through the platform, customers will be able to securely download (access) or connect (share) their energy data in an industry-standard format with registered third parties.

Why is Green Button being implemented?

Ontario is providing families and businesses with more control over their electricity bills with the introduction of a Green Button standard that allows access to their data. The goal is better tracking of energy use to help reduce costs.

On November 1, 2021, the Ontario Ministry of Energy announced that electric utilities across the province must provide their customers with access to Green Button data. Read the complete news release to learn more.

What is Green Button Download My Data?

Green Button Download My Data enables electricity customers to manually access their electricity usage data in an industry-standard XML format. Customers can then analyze historical and recent data to identify trends and make informed choices about their usage.

What is Green Button Connect My Data?

Green Button Connect My Data is the industry standard for securely authorizing and sharing energy data with third party solution providers. With Green Button Connect My Data, electricity customers can digitally authorize their energy data to be shared with energy-efficiency applications, clean energy companies, analytics firms, and others who can view and analyze the data and provide additional insights into managing and conserving electricity consumption.

What are the benefits of Green Button data for electricity customers?

Green Button benefits electricity customers in several ways, including:

  • Improved energy efficiency: Use Green Button data to identify and compare electricity usage to improve energy efficiency at home or for your business.
  • Reduce energy costs: Learn your usage patterns and habits to make informed choices about how much electricity you use and when to use it. For example, when you use electricity during off-peak hours and invest in energy-efficient appliances, it saves you money and helps reduce strain on the grid.
  • Energy conservation: Use your data to conserve energy to help reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment.
  • Secure access: With Green Button standards, you can rest assured that your energy data and private information is secure. Utilities must go through a strict testing and certification process to become Green Button standard-compliant.
How do I access Green Button Download My Data?

To access your energy data (electricity usage, billing, and utility account information), Login or Register for My Account. 

Once logged in to My Account, go to the Meter Data section and click on My Time-of-Use Data - Download. Follow the instructions to download your Green Button data.

Who do I contact for questions about my Alectra Utilities energy data shown on Green Button? 

If you have questions about your energy data, simply contact us and a member of the Alectra team will be pleased to assist you. 

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