Late Payment & Disconnections

Service disconnections are avoidable – we are here to help with payment plans and support programs.

Late payments

To avoid late payment charges, payments must reach the offices of Alectra Utilities by the due date. For payments not received by the due date, a late payment charge of 1.5% per month (compounded to 19.56% annually) will be applied to the past due balance. 

Difficulty paying your bill?

For households and businesses that are having difficulties paying their bills, we’re here to help. Alectra Utilities has payment plans that can assist customers with keeping their accounts up-to-date. Our Credit and Collections Department staff work very hard with customers to come up with payment plans that take into consideration people's personal circumstances. Disconnecting a customer’s electricity service for non-payment is a decision Alectra Utilities takes only as a last resort. 

Alectra Utilities provides at least 14 days notice of scheduled service disconnections to provide you with an opportunity to contact us to make a payment arrangement. We will also call you to remind you of any outstanding payments owed. Please make sure we have your current contact information by contacting our Credit and Collections department. 

If you have been asked to send in a proof of payment to the Customer Care team, please use our General Inquiry form to submit your proof of payment.

View our Payment Assistance page for information about programs that are available to assist customers. 

Reasons for disconnection:

Alectra Utilities reserves the right to disconnect the supply of electrical energy for causes including, but not limited to:

  • Overdue amounts payable for the delivery of electricity; 
  • Electrical hazardous conditions; 
  • Electrical disturbance propagation caused by customer equipment that is not corrected in a timely fashion; 
  • Non-authorized use of energy;
  • Adverse effect on the reliability and safety of the distribution system; 
  • Imposition of an unsafe worker situation beyond normal risks inherent in the operation of the distribution system; 
  • A material decrease in the efficiency of the distributor's distribution system; 
  • A materially adverse effect on the quality of distribution services received by an existing connection; 
  • Inability of the distributor to perform planned inspections and maintenance; 
  • Failure of the Customer to comply with a directive of Alectra Utilities made for purposes of meeting its license obligations; or 
  • Any other conditions identified in our Conditions of Service document. 

Alectra Utilities may disconnect the supply of electricity to a customer without notice in accordance with a court order, or for emergency, safety or system reliability reasons. 

Rights & responsibilities of electricity consumers

As a residential consumer of electricity in Ontario, you have both rights and responsibilities. Electricity companies must respect your rights while you must fulfil your responsibilities. The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) ensures that your rights are respected. Read the OEB Consumer Charter

More information about the rules for electric utilities and the rules for electricity consumers is available on the OEB website.


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