Set My Peaksaver & Energate Thermostat

The Advantage Planet program has officially ended as of December 31, 2019. This includes all former Advantage Power Pricing and Peaksaver customers.

  • If you have a Peaksaver or Energate thermostat that was provided to you through one of these programs your thermostat will continue to function and may be set manually directly on your thermostat. 
  • You will no longer be able to access the program portal(s) to adjust thermostat settings remotely. Customer support for your thermostat has also been discontinued. 
  • If you were a Tantalus (formally Energate) portal customer, you will no longer have your power consumption adjusted to reduce your costs according to current electricity prices. 

Why did my thermostat portal work after December 31, 2019?
  • The Peaksaver program ended Sept 2017. Two other programs were introduced to extend the Peaksaver thermostat remote capability a little longer, including the Advantage Planet program and Advantage Power Pricing pilot program. These new programs included new smart thermostat customers using the Energate thermostats. 
  • Both the Advantage Planet and Advantage Power Pricing pilot programs ended on December 31, 2019, however the database allowed users to control their thermostats for most of the first quarter of 2020. 

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