Joint Use Attachments

Alectra Utilities strives to be a collaborative partner with Telecommunication Companies to be part of broadband and other communications solutions. The Joint Use team at Alectra Utilities is here to assist with your joint use attachment projects.

Guidelines, procedures, and required documents for your Joint Use attachment application

Alectra Joint Use Pole Attachment Guidelines & Procedures

The Alectra Joint Use Pole Attachment Guidelines & Procedures outlines the procedures and requirements through which Alectra Utilities will permit attachment(s) to its poles. It is intended as a supplemental document to an executed Joint Use Agreement to guide applicants and their designers through the procedures and requirements of the Alectra Joint Use permitting and approval process.

Joint Use Application form and required documents

  1. Completed Joint Use application form: Instructions on how to complete the application are on the first tab of the form.
  2. Engineered Drawings: To process your Joint Use permit application, we require all submitted drawings to be stamped and signed by an Ontario Licensed P. Eng. and must also include a Certificate of Approval that states the drawings meet the Safety Requirements of Ontario Regulations 22/04. The submission also requires full Pole Profile drawings for each pole. For further information please refer to section 2.3 of the Alectra Joint Use Pole Attachment Guidelines.
  3. SPIDA Calc Report Version 7.2 / Client file Version 5: Alectra requires Spidacalc report for all the Joint Use submissions, with an exception of Streetlighting applications. If tenants are only installing the streetlight (luminaire, arm and bracket) on Alectra poles and it's being fed by an existing secondary bus (Alectra’s or their own), there is no Spidacalc analysis required. If the streetlighting installation requires any new secondary installation, then SPIDA analysis must be performed. For further information please refer to Section 2.4 of the Alectra Joint Use Pole Attachment Guidelines.

Streetlighting and Small Cell Applications

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