Alectra Utilities’ Assurance of Voluntary Compliance

Alectra Utilities is committed to providing safe and reliable electricity to the communities we serve. Alectra Utilities regrets to inform customers located in the Guelph and Rockwood communities of some inaccuracies that it has identified in its customer billing.

Alectra Utilities charges customers a fixed monthly charge for distribution services, which for billing purposes were translated into a daily charge to accommodate billing periods that are more or less than one month long. In the translation from monthly to a daily charge, the daily charge was calculated based on there being 30 days in every month (or 360 days in a year) but billed to customers 365 days a year. This resulted in a small amount of overbilling for distribution services.

The trusted relationship we have with our customers is a top priority for Alectra Utilities. To this end, customers rely on Alectra Utilities to provide safe, reliable and efficient service, including accurate billing. As soon as the miscalculation was identified, Alectra Utilities took immediate action to notify the Ontario Energy Board, and to introduce changes to our billing systems to correct the miscalculation.

As a result of the billing error, Alectra Utilities is providing its customers with a one-time credit to rectify the amount of overbilling. The one-time credit will appear on customer bills over the February and March 2023 timeline, according to the following:




General Service less than 50 kW

General Service less than 50 kW to 999 kW

General Service less than 1,000 kW to 4,999 kW

Large User

Un-Metered Scattered Loads

Sentinel Lighting

Street Lighting




Alectra Utilities values our customers and the trust they place in us to provide the electricity they require every day. We are dedicated to providing you with reliable power and will work to build and maintain the trust you have in us.

You can find more info about this issue at the Ontario Energy Board website at:

If you have any questions about this situation, please contact our Customer Care department in Guelph at 519-822-3010.

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