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alectraNews Fall 2023

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Welcome to the Alectra Utilities customer newsletter: your source for timely and helpful electricity news that matters to you. Stay informed with short articles about Alectra services, new developments, support programs, electricity prices, energy conservation, safety tips and much more.

Thank you for going paperless and helping us support Feed Ontario

We’d like to thank everyone who turned their paper bills into nutritious food for children in need. By switching to ebilling, you helped us reach our goal of donating 100,000 healthy meals to Feed Ontario for children in our communities.

Haven’t made the switch to paperless billing? All you need is your Alectra Utilities account number and your last payment amount. Follow these easy steps:

By going paperless, you’ll have safe, convenient online access to your electricity bills, and you’ll get a monthly email reminder when your bill is ready to view.

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Go to to report a power outage, hazard, electrical emergency or damage to Alectra Utilities equipment. You can also attach a photo to your report. Our System Control and Call Centre staff are on duty 24/7 to receive your outage information.

Summer roundup: Recent AlectraCARES activities in your city

Alectra has been busy supporting grassroots organizations through our AlectraCARES Community Support Program that empower our customers and enhance their lives.

Find out more about the charities near you.

We’ve committed $1.3 million this year to fund organizations that share our vision to build sustainable communities. To learn more, visit:

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Electrical work is dangerous and always best left to a Licensed Electrical Contractor with the expertise, equipment and training to do the job safely. To find a list of Licensed Electrical Contractors in your area, use this handy tool provided by the Electrical Safety Authority at:

Read Alectra’s 2022 ESG Report and GRE&T Centre Report

We’re pleased to share with you Alectra’s 2022 Annual ESG Report, Discovering the Possibilities. Our Environmental, Social & Governance report outlines Alectra’s commitment to social responsibility, environmental accountability and economic efficiency. It also highlights our efforts to improve the customer experience by providing simple, sustainable and powerful energy solutions. Read about Alectra’s key achievements in 2022 at:

Additionally, Alectra’s 2022 Green Energy & Technology (GRE&T) Centre Report, Where Great Minds Collaborate to Power a Better Tomorrow, is now available. The GRE&T Centre is our dedicated innovation hub that focuses on green energy, new technology and innovation to modernize the energy grid. Learn more about the centre’s initiatives at and follow us on LinkedIn.

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Ultra-Low Overnight price plan option is coming this fall

The Ultra-Low Overnight (ULO) price plan offers a new option to residential and small business customers in addition to the Time-of-Use and Tiered price plans. ULO has four price periods, one of which is a very low-priced overnight period:

  • On-peak, when demand for electricity is highest on average
  • Mid-peak, when demand for electricity is moderate
  • Weekend Off-peak, when demand for electricity is generally lower
  • Ultra-Low Overnight, when demand for electricity is lowest on average

With ULO pricing, you can help manage your electricity costs by shifting high usage activities, like electric vehicle charging, to lower price periods when possible.

Visit to learn more about choosing your rate option.

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What is cable rejuvenation? This innovative and cost-effective process repairs, protects and extends the life of underground electrical cables – without digging them up! Watch our video at and learn more about projects in your community.

Help us help you with overdue bills

We understand that unexpected challenges may impact your ability to keep your Alectra bill up to date. Even if you’re behind on payments, it’s important to remember that you’re still in control. Call us at our dedicated customer payment support number 1-844-547-1542, which is now open until 6 p.m. Monday to Friday and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, to make a payment or set up flexible payment arrangements to avoid any disruption in service.

Here are five ways to get back on track for eligible customers:

  1. Arrears Payment Agreement: provides more time to pay balances
  2. Equal Payment Plan: splits annual charges into equal monthly payments
  3. Low-income Energy Assistance Program: offers financial assistance
  4. Ontario Electricity Support Program: provides monthly credits on bills
  5. Energy Affordability Program: offers energy-saving home upgrades

For more information on financial support, visit:

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Tree trimming to ensure safety and reliability

Why does Alectra Utilities trim trees? Our proactive tree trimming program protects public safety and ensures reliable electricity distribution. During severe weather – such as high winds, freezing rain or snowstorms – trees can cause power outages when branches come into contact with overhead power lines. We hire professional utility arborists who use natural pruning methods to maintain tree health. If you see a tree that’s interfering with power lines, report it to Customer Service at 1-833-253-2872 or at:

When landscaping, plant trees far away from power lines so that they don’t grow close to overhead wires. Plant shrubs at least three metres away from green padmount transformer boxes or other electrical equipment. Visit for more electrical safety tips at home and work.

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It’s time to update your 72-hour emergency kit

When is the last time you reviewed your emergency kit? It’s recommended that you replenish supplies you’ve used and replace expired items every six months in the spring and autumn. Your kit should contain some basic supplies to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours, such as non-perishable food, bottled water and a flashlight. Keep these items together in something easy to carry, like a backpack, and in an easily accessible location in your home, such as the front closet. Be sure to include your pets in your emergency planning too.

Visit to download our Power Outage Preparedness Guide and watch our emergency kit video.

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Is your location?