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alectraNews Fall 2022

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Welcome to the Alectra Utilities customer newsletter: your source for timely and helpful electricity news that matters to you. Stay informed with short articles about Alectra services, new developments, support programs, electricity prices, energy conservation, safety tips, and much more.

Green looks good on you. Switch to ebilling today!

We’re committing to plant a tree for every customer who switches to ebilling, up to 10,000 trees across Alectra’s communities, to help fight climate change. By switching to ebilling, together we can reduce the environmental impact of paper bills each year* by:

  • Reducing 90 tonnes of waste
  • Lowering water usage by 13.6 million litres
  • Eliminating almost 1,361 tonnes of carbon dioxide
  • Saving over 1.2 million kilowatt hours of energy

Join us alongside Forests Ontario in protecting and restoring the green spaces in your community. Switch to ebilling today at:

(*Alectra Utilities annual paper billing figures)

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Time-saving tips to make budgeting easier

Avoid the hassle of cheques, stamps or late payment charges! Save time and money with these quick and easy ways to pay your monthly bills:

  • Sign up for an equal payment plan to balance your energy costs throughout the year and make budgeting easier;
  • Register for pre-authorized payments to give you the peace of mind of knowing that your payment will be made on time; or
  • Set up online banking payments through your financial institution – add Alectra Utilities as a payee with your 10-digit account number.

Visit for other convenient payment options.

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Are you moving within the Alectra Utilities service area? You can close and open an account at the same time by using our online Move In and/or Out form at:

Business customers, please contact Customer Service at 1-833-ALECTRA to open, transfer or close an account.

What is cable rejuvenation?

At Alectra, we’re investing in the best technologies available to deliver safe and reliable electricity to our customers. Cable rejuvenation is an innovative and cost-effective process where we repair, protect, and extend the life of underground electrical cables – without digging them up – by injecting a silicone-based fluid into the cable.

Cable rejuvenation can extend the life of an aging cable up to 20 years and is much less disruptive than a full replacement. To date, we’ve injected more than 820 kilometres of underground cable. Watch our video at and learn more about our grid modernization projects in your community.

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Alectra’s 2021 Annual Sustainability Report

We’re pleased to share with you Alectra’s 2021 Annual Sustainability Report, Discovering the Possibilities. Our report outlines Alectra’s commitment to social responsibility, environmental accountability, and economic efficiency. It also highlights our efforts to improve the customer experience by providing simple, sustainable, and powerful energy solutions.

In the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, Alectra operated primarily within a virtual environment while maintaining high levels of employee engagement and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to emerge as leaders in the world of technological change by helping our customers discover the possibilities of sustainable power and energy solutions. We invite you to view the full report at:

Discovering the possibilities
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The Alectra Green Energy & Technology Centre (GRE&T Centre) is a dedicated innovation facility that focuses on green energy and new technology to help us explore the possibilities for a bright energy future. Learn more about our initiatives in the GRE&T Centre 2021 Annual Report at:

AlectraCARES: Helping our communities thrive

We’re dedicated to investing in local organizations, programs and events that support well-being in our communities. This year, the AlectraCARES Community Support Program has provided over $1 million in sponsorships and donations, including:

  • Trillium Health Partners’ clinical research for community mental health and equity
  • Alectra Fund for Health and Social Innovation at Royal Victoria Hospital
  • Guelph General Hospital’s sterilization containers for operating room instruments
  • Alectra Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Undergraduate Awards at York University

Visit to learn more about our 2022 community investments.

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Does your bill seem high this month? Remember to check your billing period. After the hot summer, your electricity bills may be higher, especially for those who use air conditioning.

Visit for energy-saving tips to help lower your costs.

Helping you find the right financial support solution

We understand that sometimes it’s hard to make ends meet. We’re here to help you find a solution and reduce stress with support programs that meet your needs.

  • The Energy Affordability Program offers free energy-saving upgrades to help lower your electricity costs.
  • The Ontario Electricity Support Program provides monthly credits directly on the bills of eligible low-income customers.
  • The Low-income Energy Assistance Program offers financial assistance to income-eligible households who are struggling to pay their electricity bills.

Visit for support applications, or contact Customer Service at 1-833-253-2872 to set up a flexible payment plan.

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It’s time to update your 72-hour emergency kit

When is the last time you reviewed your 72-hour emergency kit? It’s recommended that you replenish supplies you’ve used and replace expired items every six months in the spring and autumn. Your kit should contain some basic supplies to be self-sufficient for at least 72-hours, such as non-perishable food, bottled water, and a flashlight. Keep these items together in something easy to carry, like a backpack, and in an easily accessible location in your home, such as the front closet. Be sure to include your pets in your emergency planning too. Visit to download our Power Outage Preparedness Guide and watch our video.


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