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Welcome to the Alectra Utilities customer newsletter: your source for timely and helpful electricity news that matters to you. Stay informed with short articles about Alectra services, new developments, support programs, electricity prices, energy conservation, safety tips, and much more.

After the storm: How to arrange electrical repairs

When severe weather strikes, it’s important to assess damages to your home. Alectra Utilities will repair utility-owned equipment, such as our service wire to the point where it connects to your home’s electrical equipment. When there’s damage to your meter base or service connection point, you’ll need to arrange repairs before we can safely reconnect power.

  1. Find a licensed electrical contractor at:
  2. When repairs are completed, your contractor will notify the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).
  3. The ESA will inform Alectra when it’s safe to reconnect your electrical service.

Visit to learn more.

We’re here to help you find a financial support solution

Through the COVID-19 Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) and CEAP for Small Business, Alectra Utilities supported over 20,000 customers with $5.8 million in assistance to help pay their electricity bills. The Government of Ontario affirmed that CEAP was successful in meeting its objective of providing relief to customers who fell behind on their energy bills as a result of the pandemic. While this program is now closed, we’re still here to help. Visit for support applications, or contact Customer Service at 1-833-253-2872 to set up a flexible payment plan that works for you.

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Thinking about switching from Time-of-Use (TOU) to Tiered pricing? Use the electricity information from your bill, or log in to My Account to see your electricity usage patterns. Learn more about the tools available to compare your bill with TOU and Tiered prices at:


Thank you for switching to ebilling + congrats contest winners!

We’d like to thank everyone who switched to paperless ebilling and helped us reach our goal of donating $50,000 to The Frontline Fund. Plus, congratulations to the 10 lucky customers who won FREE electricity for a year* just for making the switch!

Join over 300,000 customers already enjoying contactless convenience:

  • Exactly the same look as a paper bill.
  • Instant email reminder when a statement is ready to be viewed.
  • Reduced paper waste and environmental footprint.
  • Anytime-access, with all your bills online in one place.
  • Easy to download and save, and more secure.

*Stay tuned to to see the list of contest winners and sign up for ebilling.

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Together we can pave the way to e-Mobility!

We’re on a mission to understand electric vehicle (EV) charging behaviour and its impact on our electricity grid. Our goal is to provide a better experience for all EV drivers. If you drive an EV, or you’re planning to buy one for your home or business, we want to hear from you.

Take our e-Mobility survey to shape new online resources to support EV adoption and your charging experience. Your feedback will help us prepare our grid for more EVs and apply for Zero Emissions-Vehicle program opportunities that have financial incentives for you. Get started at:

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Does your bill seem high this month? Remember to check your billing period. After the hot summer, your electricity bills may be higher, especially for those who use air conditioning. For energy-saving tips to help lower your costs, watch our video at:

Empowering the communities where we live and work

Throughout the pandemic, Alectra has continued to support our communities through the AlectraCARES program. In 2021, we committed over $1 million to sponsorships and donations including:

  • $35,000 to each of the mass COVID-19 vaccination clinics in Brampton and Hamilton;
  • Two ICU beds to Alliston’s Stevenson Memorial Hospital Level 2 ICU Project;
  • $5,000 to WE Care York Region’s PinkCars program, which helps seniors book and travel to vaccine appointments;
  • $50,000 to The Frontline Fund, to help local healthcare providers with supplies and research funding.

Alectra proudly gives back to ensure our communities have the resources they need to thrive. For more information about our community involvement, visit:

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When landscaping, plant trees far away from power lines so that they don’t grow close to overhead wires. Plant shrubs at least three metres away from green padmount transformer boxes or other electrical equipment. Visit for more electrical safety tips at home and work.

Ontario’s System-Wide Electricity Supply Mix: 2020 Data

The system-wide supply mix is the combination of power sources that are used to generate the electricity consumed in Ontario. The table below discloses the system-wide electricity supply mix data for 2020, which was published by the Ontario Energy Board on March 22, 2021.

Electricity Sources

Ontario’s Electricity Mix*

Nuclear Energy

Water Power

Natural Gas*


Solar PV



* Includes Lennox Generating Station and dual fuel (natural gas/bioenergy) consistent with the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).

** IESO’s embedded generation data set combines biomass and gas.

*** Non-Contracted represents a variety of fuel types that the IESO is unable to categorize due to a lack of information from Local Distribution Companies (LDCs).

Note: Figures may not add to 100% due to rounding.

Alectra’s 2020 Annual Sustainability Report

We’re proud to share with you Alectra’s 2020 Annual Sustainability Report, Discovering the Possibilities. This year’s report highlights our commitment to social responsibility, environmental accountability, and economic efficiency. The COVID-19 pandemic affected all aspects of the corporation and the communities we serve. While many of us worked from home, our crews and support staff were in the field, and we were able to maintain service levels and complete infrastructure improvements. Throughout 2020, Alectra built on its sustainability commitments, delivering impressive results for our customers, shareholders, and communities – continuing as a trusted ally in the rapidly changing world of energy. We invite you to view the full report at:

Annual Report

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