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Welcome to the Alectra Utilities customer newsletter: your source for timely and helpful electricity news that matters to you. Stay informed with short articles about Alectra services, new developments, support programs, electricity prices, energy conservation, safety tips, and much more.

How to choose between TOU and Tiered pricing

The best rate plan for you depends on how much electricity you use and when. If you live in a smaller home and use an average of 700 kWh of electricity per month, choosing Tiered pricing may lower your bill. If you charge your electric vehicle at home overnight, you may choose to take advantage of the off-peak Time-of-Use (TOU) price. Log in to My Account and go to Meter Data to see your electricity usage patterns, or use the Ontario Energy Board calculator to compare your bill with TOU versus Tiered prices. Visit to learn more.

Time-saving tips to make budgeting easier

Avoid the hassle of cheques, stamps or late payment charges! Save time and money with these quick and easy ways to pay your monthly bills:

  • Sign up for an equal payment plan to balance your energy costs throughout the year and make budgeting easier;
  • Register for pre-authorized payments to give you the peace of mind of knowing that your payment will be made on time; or
  • Set up online banking payments through your financial institution – add Alectra Utilities as a payee with your 10-digit account number.

Visit for other convenient payment options.

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Businesses that were required to close or significantly restrict services due to provincial public health measures may be eligible for Ontario government grants to help with COVID-19 costs. Visit to find out how to apply for relief funding for your business.

Helping you find the right financial support solution

We understand that sometimes it’s hard to make ends meet. We’re here to help you find a solution and reduce stress with support programs and payment plans that meet your needs.

  • The Ontario Electricity Support Program provides monthly credits directly on the bills of eligible low-income customers.
  • The Low-income Energy Assistance Program offers financial assistance to eligible low-income households who are struggling to pay their electricity bills.
  • The Arrears Payment Agreement gives eligible residential and small business customers more time to pay outstanding balances.

Visit for support applications, or contact Customer Service at 1-833-253-2872 to set up a flexible payment plan that works for you.

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Contactless and convenient: Now’s the time to go paperless

Make the switch to paperless ebilling for anytime-access to your bills online. You’ll receive an email when a new monthly statement is ready to view – it’s faster than paper mail, safer and more convenient.

Why have over 277,000 customers made the switch?

  • Exactly like the paper statements that you receive in the mail.
  • All your current bills, past bills and payment history, online in one place.
  • No more filing – easily download and save your records.
  • Paperless ebilling is more environmentally friendly.

Sign up in seconds

We’ve made it quick and easy to switch to paperless ebilling through My Account. For more details, go to

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April is Dig Safe Month – Call or click before you dig!

What outdoor projects are you planning this spring – building a deck or fence, putting in a pool, planting a tree or digging a new garden? For your safety, remember to contact Ontario One Call first to have a FREE underground cable locate done. Here’s how:

Step 1: At least five days before you dig, submit a locate request at or 1-800-400-2255

Step 2: Locators from each utility with underground infrastructure in your area will come to mark the buried lines and cables.

Step 3: Dig safely. Respect the marks and follow the instructions that are provided.

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Is your electricity bill being estimated? Call us at 1-833-ALECTRA to discuss how to read your meter, or to arrange a convenient time for an Alectra Utilities agent to visit. Rest assured, our meter readers practice safe social distancing and wear masks when visiting your property.

We’re working hard for your community

We understand that many of our customers are now working from home and their children are doing remote learning, so power outages can be a nuisance. Planned power interruptions are important to repair damaged equipment and maintain a safe and reliable electrical system. We do our best to schedule work such that it doesn’t inconvenience you, and we will always notify you in advance.

In 2021, we’re planning to invest over $250 million across our service territory to upgrade aged electrical equipment and install new infrastructure. We’re committed to delivering value, service and reliable power to you. Learn more about our investment in your community at

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Are you a local business looking to do more to fight climate change? Enroll as a GridExchange merchant to support clean energy services. You’ll attract more customers to your store and help reduce GHG emissions. Email us at to learn more.

Introducing the new Energy Affordability Program

The Energy Affordability Program (EAP) provides support to help income-eligible electricity consumers lower their monthly electricity costs and increase home comfort. You may qualify for a FREE energy needs assessment conducted by a trained energy professional who will help identify energy-efficient upgrades available for your home, such as replacement appliances, insulation, draft-proofing, and a customized energy saving kit that may include LED lighting, timers, faucet aerators and a clothes drying line.

To find out if you qualify for free energy-saving upgrades tailored to the needs of your home, visit, email, or call 1-855-591-0877.

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