Residential Customer - Open, Transfer or Close an Account
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Residential and Small Business customers can choose from three pricing options: Time-of-Use Pricing, Tiered Pricing, or Ultra-Low Overnight Pricing. If you are a new customer, your rate plan will be Time-of-Use Pricing unless you select Tiered Pricing or Ultra-Low Overnight Pricing when you tell us you’re moving.

You can find more information on how to Choose My Rate Option to help you make an informed choice about which electricity price plan is right for you.

Homeowner, Tenant, Student

Open or Transfer a Residential Account

If you are a residential customer moving into or within the Alectra Utilities service area and need to open or transfer a residential account click here.

Close a Residential Account

If you are a residential customer moving out of the Alectra Utilities service area and need to close a residential account, log in to My Alectra and click the Forms tab or click here.

Landlord or Property Manager

To manage service for rental units click here.


To represent a residential customer click here.

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When opening an account, an Account Setup / Change of Occupancy Fee will be applied to your first bill. 

Choose the rate option that's right for you

The best rate plan for you will depend on your electricity consumption patterns. Don’t worry – there is no deadline to choose, and you will not be locked into your selection. The difference is not likely to be more than a few dollars per month, but we do want to help you make the best choice possible. A few tips:

  • With TOU and ULO pricing, you can help manage your electricity costs by shifting your usage to lower off-peak price periods when possible.
  • If you have an electric vehicle that you charge at home overnight, ULO rates may be best for you, because you’ll be able to take advantage of the very low-priced overnight period.
  • If you live in a smaller home and don’t typically use a lot of electricity (less than 700 kilowatt-hours per month), choosing Tiered rates may lower your total bill, because you won’t consume enough to hit the threshold for the higher rate.

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