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family playing video games newsletter
alectraNews Fall 2018
Vol. 2 Issue 3

Welcome to the Alectra Utilities customer newsletter, your source for timely and helpful electricity news that matters to you. Stay informed with short articles about Alectra services, new developments, support programs, Time-of-Use prices, conservation and safety tips, and much more.

Many convenient bill payment options

Alectra Utilities offers many convenient options to pay your bill: pre-authorized payment, telephone or online banking, credit card (transaction fees apply), Western Union, and in-person at most financial institutions. You can also mail your cheque or money order payment directly to us. Simply choose the option that suits you best. For quick answers to frequently asked questions about your Alectra bill, support programs, and accessing your account and other services online, visit

Be prepared with a 72-hour emergency kit

In an emergency, you may need to get by without power or tap water. Be prepared with some basic supplies to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours. You may have some of these items already, such as non-perishable food, bottled water, and a flashlight. The key is to ensure they are organized and easy to find. Keep these items together in something easy to carry, like a backpack, and in an easily accessible location in your home, such as the front closet. Visit to download our Power Outage Preparedness Guide.

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Upgrading your business’ electrical equipment can save you money as well as make your business more competitive and improve productivity. We’ll create a free plan and provide you with incentives to help your business save on energy. Visit

Beware of telephone and text scams

Some scams can be threatening, while others sound too good to be true. If you receive a suspicious phone call or text message, Alectra Utilities advises the following:

  • Never provide any personal information, including credit card or Alectra account numbers.
  • Don’t click on any links within the text message.
  • Collect any information possible about the caller.
  • Report the incident to Alectra Customer Service at 1-833-253-2872 during business hours.

If you believe you may be a victim of fraud or theft, please contact your local police department to report the incident. Learn more at

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Top 10 tips to save on energy
  • Use LED bulbs and seasonal lighting.
  • Install a programmable thermostat.
  • Wash your laundry in cold water.
  • Upgrade the insulation in your home.
  • Choose ENERGY STAR® appliances.
  • Use motion sensor switches and timers.
  • Circulate the air with ceiling fans.
  • Hang your clothes to dry.
  • Eliminate drafts with weatherstripping.
  • Unplug electronic devices when not in use.

There are many ways to save on energy without sacrificing comfort. We can help you find savings through assessments, rebates, and upgrades. Learn more at

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Be ready for the cold weather by performing routine maintenance on your furnace, including replacing your filter. A dirty furnace filter can make your furnace run harder, shorten its lifespan, and use more electricity. 

Tree trimming helps to prevent power interruptions

Alectra Utilities works to keep trees away from our primary power lines along public roadways. It’s the customer’s responsibility to ensure trees on their private property are maintained around power lines coming from the road to their home or business. This is a dangerous task that requires specific planning and expertise to perform safely.

If you require tree trimming on your property near power lines:

  • Hire a professional utility arborist; and
  • Contact Alectra Customer Care at 1-833-253-2872 to temporarily disconnect the electrical supply to your property prior to performing the work.
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Electrical work is dangerous and always best left to a Licensed Electrical Contractor with the expertise, equipment and training to do the job safely. To find a list of Licensed Electrical Contractors in your area, use this handy tool provided by the Electrical Safety Authority at

We’re here to help

At Alectra Utilities, we’re pleased to offer support programs and payment plans to help keep your account up-to-date. These programs include:

  • Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP) – OESP provides monthly credits directly on the bills of eligible low-income customers.
  • Low-income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) – LEAP offers one-time financial assistance to eligible low-income households.
  • Ontario’s Affordability Fund – The Affordability Fund provides eligible customers access to energy saving upgrades.

To be connected with these support programs or determine a payment schedule that works for your family, contact Customer Service at 1-833-253-2872 for assistance.

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Alectra’s 2017 Annual Sustainability Report

We are pleased to share with you Alectra’s 2017 Annual Sustainability Report, Our Sustainability Journey. This is our first sustainability report since we began operations following the completion of our merger on February 1, 2017. It highlights our unique environmental, social and economic initiatives from 2017, as well as several excellent programs that were already in place at our predecessor companies. The report can be found on our website at We’re proud of what we accomplished in 2017 as Alectra and look forward to sharing our future successes as our sustainability journey continues.

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