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Electrical Safety

Our commitment to safety

Alectra Utilities recognizes that although electricity is a source of power that enhances our quality of life, it can be extremely dangerous if not treated properly, and with care. We understand that it is our responsibility as an electricity utility to educate everyone who uses it, including our customers, our contracted staff, our employees, and the general public.

Alectra has an excellent safety record. We are committed to ensuring the safe and reliable distribution of electricity to homes and businesses and we will continue to develop and implement effective electrical safety campaigns, programs, and initiatives that reach a broad audience across our service territory.

Our message to our customers is consistent with what is communicated to our employees: be aware of the dangers of electricity, adhere to safe practices, and keep informed about electrical safety.

Public Safety in our Communities

Alectra supports many community-based organizations within our service territory to ensure that the electrical safety message reaches families and individuals of all ages through as many channels as possible.

York Region Children's Safety Village

Representatives from Alectra visit schools, provide funding to assist not-for-profit organizations including the Peel and York Region Children's Safety Villages, and supports My Safe Work, empowering students to oppose unsafe work in the workplace.

Alectra also partners with industry-related organizations such as the Electrical Safety Authority and Ontario One Call, supporting home and workplace safety campaigns, and the Call Before You Dig initiative, launched on April 1 and promoted throughout the year, every year.

Employee Health, Safety, and Wellness

Alectra's Occupational Health and Safety Management System uses the basic format of "Plan, Do, Check, and Act" as a guiding principal in achieving safety excellence. It incorporates existing policies, processes, and standards, and records daily health and safety activities to identify hazards and controls risks in the environment and community.

In addition, our employee-based Joint Health & Safety Committee meets regularly to review its health, safety, and wellness practices ensuring that employees keep their own safety, and the safety of their families and co-workers, top of mind during daily activities - inside and outside of business hours.

Safety Standards and Certifications

Alectra has achieved certifications from the CSA Standard for Health and Safety, CSA Z1000-14, Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series, OHSAS 180001, and the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association's Certificate of Recognition, which are recognized as the highest standards in Canada and in the world. Alectra will continue to strive for the International Standard for Safety Systems, ISO 45001, which is the newest safety standard and is recognized as the "Best in Class" safety standard throughout the world.