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Important Procurement Information

NOTICE: Regarding ICI (Institutional, Commercial, Industrial) Service Requests:

As a result of recent world events and in particular the long-term impact of the COVID 19 Pandemic, supply chain services and sourcing of material from a significant portion of manufacturing companies have been negatively affected.

Due to global shortages and delays, our equipment delivery times have significantly increased which may have an impact on the timing of connecting new or upgrading electrical services – in some cases, especially for industrial/commercial customer, the required material can be delayed up to 50 weeks from the time of placing an order. Placing an order will only occur once Alectra and the customer and/or its representatives agreed on a service arrangement, AND if deemed necessary by Alectra, the customer provides Alectra with a material pre-payment.

Alectra’s Supply Chain Management team has been working diligently with manufacturers and suppliers to secure additional manufacturing capacity (where possible) to increase the availably of major equipment.

We sincerely apologize for any delays that may be experienced by our customers.

We thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding as we work to reduce the delivery times and secure additional capacity with our suppliers.

I understand there may be delays.

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