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Installing a fence? Installing a pool? Building an addition? Redoing your driveway?

Located underground is a complex network of pipes and wires for critical services such as electricity, natural gas, cable television, telephone, Internet, water, sewage and other utilities. 

Damaging underground services can have serious consequences. A severed electrical cable could be fatal, a ruptured gas line could explode, a cut water line could cause floods, and severed communication lines (telephone, cable, Internet) could mean the loss of essential services. You could be liable for expensive restoration costs and potential legal action. 

If you are planning on digging, drilling, blasting, augering or driving stakes or fence post spikes into the ground, Ontario law requires that you call or click Ontario One Call before you dig to arrange for a FREE underground cable locate.  


Any time you dig on or near your property: 

Simply provide the details of your project and Ontario One Call will notify the utilities with underground facilities in your area. If there are any buried cabling or wires on your property, they will be clearly marked before you proceed to dig.  

Call at least five working days prior to digging to schedule this service. Additional notice may be required during the busy spring season. 


As the contractor doing the digging, you're responsible for getting the locate for your jobs. Be sure to leave enough time so that any infrastructure is marked and you can dig safely. Remember, hitting infrastructure can result in serious damages, injuries and liability. Don't take the risk. Call 1-800-400-2255 to sign up for an account and get free locates! 

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