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Safe connections: who’s responsible for storm damage repairs?

If storm damage occurs to the electrical supply attached to your house repairs may be required before we can safely reconnect your service. Alectra Utilities’ authority is limited to utility-owned equipment only: our service wire, or cable, to the connection point where it meets with your equipment, and our meter.

Add licensed electrical contractors to your emergency contacts list

When your meter base or your service stack is damaged we may not be able to reconnect the power until you have repairs made by a licensed electrical contractor. If necessary we will safely isolate your connection at the road to allow your contractor to perform the repairs. Licensed electrical contractors can be found on the Electrical Safety Authority website.

Steps to take if your service connection is damaged

In a typical residential installation, the homeowner’s responsibility begins where the wires attach to the house. This infographic shows overhead and underground service diagrams and steps to take for service reconnection.

In an overhead installation where the wires come from the road and attach to a service mast the homeowner is responsible from the top of the service mast into the home’s electrical panel. Alectra is responsible for the wires coming from the road to the service mast and the meter. The homeowner is responsible for the service mast, the wires from the top of the mast into the meter base, the meter base itself, as well as the wires running from the meter base into the electrical panel within the home.

In an underground installation, Alectra is responsible for the wires running underground to the meter base from the transformer on the public easement and for the meter. The homeowner is responsible for the meter base and the wires running from the meter base into the home and into the panel.

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