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Alectra Utilities and General Motors generate energy-saving projects to power over 3,000 homes a year

Through the Independent Electricity System Operator’s (IESO) Save on Energy conservation program offered by Alectra Utilities, General Motors’ St. Catharines Propulsion Plant is finding efficiencies to ensure it’s manufacturing engines and transmissions in a safe and responsible way, with the smallest possible impact on the environment.

Through working with Alectra Utilities, GM’s St. Catharines facility replaced 854 interior bay metal halides with 700 energy-efficient LED fixtures and upgraded 17 air make-up units with high-efficiency motors and VFD controls. Both of these projects will result in an energy reduction of 6.19 million kWh, which will reduce GM St. Catharines’ carbon emissions by 310 metric tonnes*.

The new smart technology LED lighting fixtures and VFD speed control of high-efficiency motors use much less energy, extend equipment life, improve light and air quality for the work environment, and help reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions.

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