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Five ways to be more environmentally mindful this Valentine’s Day

There are a few things guaranteed in February: cold temperatures, snowy weather and Valentine’s Day. As you prepare to spend this special day with your loved ones, remember there are simple ways to make your Valentine’s Day sustainable and romantic.

Consider potted flowers

Potted flowers are an easy and sustainable alternative to flower bouquets. They have a longer life span than bouquets and you can watch them grow as your relationship blossoms. Potted flowers like orchids, peace lily, and gerbera daisies, reduce carbon emissions and energy use

Skip the store bought card

Express your love in a more creative way while reducing the carbon footprint and save money. Consider writing your Valentine a love letter. You can even create your own DIY homemade card to show how much you care.

Use reusable gift boxes

When it comes to wrapping up your Valentine’s Day gift, reusable bags and boxes can be a great way to style your gift while saving money and paper. Just think – your reusable gift bags and boxes can be used for many different occasions including gift giving to your friends on Single Awareness Day, which is February 15.

Give a solar-powered phone charger

We all know that sudden panic of seeing a “low battery” warning on our mobile device, especially if you are not around a power source to plug into. Save your loved one from that panic and give the gift of a solar power phone charger. Whether you are hiking outdoors, hitting the slopes or just walking around town a portable solar charger will keep you powered up courtesy of the biggest energy source around: the sun.

Enjoy a LED candlelit dinner

Cozy candlelit dinners are a romantic way to celebrate love this Valentine’s Day. Instead of traditional candles try using LED candles or LED string lights – this creates a romantic ambiance while ensuring a hazard-free meal and reducing your electricity costs.

If you have any other sustainable Valentine’s Day tips and tricks to share, tweet us @alectranews.


Sean Guedes

Sean Guedes

Digital Communications Specialist

Sean Guedes