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April is Dig Safe Month

Spring is finally here and we know you can’t wait to get started on those outdoor projects you’ve been planning all winter! But before you break out your shovel, remember, although you can’t see them, there could be electrical cables and/or gas lines running below the ground on your property.

Do you dig? Be safe. No matter how big, call or click before you dig! Ontario One Call is a free service. Call 1-800-400-2255 or click www.OntarioOneCall.ca

 Spring is also digging season. If you are planning to plant a large tree or trees, install a fence, build a deck, put in a swimming pool, or do any other work that requires digging, you need to “call or click before you dig”. You need to contact Ontario One Call and “request a locate” to ensure you don’t come into contact with any underground infrastructure. There is no charge, the service is free.

Safe digging is serious business. Hitting a cable with a power shovel, excavator, or auger could cause severe injury, or even death. Locating underground power and gas lines before you dig will keep you safe and will eliminate the inconvenience, potential legal action and restoration costs that can result from a loss of hydro, gas, or telephone services.

What happens when you “call or click before you dig”?

  1. You contact Ontario One Call, tell them about your project and request a “locate”
  2. Ontario One Call notifies infrastructure companies, such as Alectra Utilities, of your request
  3. Within five business days utilities will locate and mark underground cables or pipes in the vicinity of the planned dig.
  4. You will receive a certificate of clearance to proceed with your project.

Who is Ontario One Call?

Ontario One Call is a not-for-profit organization that simplifies underground locating requests to ensure homeowners, excavators and infrastructure owners are safe when digging services on their properties, or the properties they are working on. Their mission is to protect Ontario communities from the loss of service and harm caused by damages to underground infrastructure by educating the public on the need to Call Before You Dig.

Dig Safe Month’ is a province-wide initiative that kicks off annually on April 1 and continues throughout the month. It’s dedicated to raising awareness of safe digging practices across Ontario to improve safety and reduce damage to underground infrastructure. In 2018, the financial burden of damage to underground infrastructures in Ontario is estimated at over $667 million with 5,042 reported incidents*. Alectra Utilities is proud to support the ‘Dig Safe’ campaign and remind homeowners and contractors to call before they dig.

* Source: 2018 DIRT (Damage Information Reporting Tool) Report published by the Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance