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Alectra’s first annual sustainability report showcases company’s early successes

Alectra’s recently released annual sustainability report showcases the company’s many achievements during its first year of operations as Canada’s largest municipally-owned electric utility, serving nearly one million homes and businesses in Ontario’s Greater Golden Horseshoe area.

The 2017 Annual Sustainability Report entitled “Our Sustainable Journey”, highlights the unique environmental, social and economic initiatives undertaken by Alectra during the year as well as several other outstanding programs that were already in place at its predecessor utilities prior to the February 1, 2017 merger that created the company.

The report speaks to Alectra establishing a sustainability commitment and developing a platform called AlectraCARES that will facilitate the communication of the company’s sustainability performance to customers, stakeholders and the communities it serves.

Other report highlights include:

    • Conservation and Demand Management programs helped homes and businesses save over 190 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of electricity, enough to power 21,000 typical homes for a year.
    • Capital investments totaling $238 million were made to enhance and expand the reliability of Alectra’s electricity distribution system.
    • Steps taken by the company to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) saw total emissions decrease by 424.26 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) or 4.6 per cent.
    • Alectra recycled 2,850 kilograms of electronic waste (e-waste) such as computers, televisions and other electronic equipment.
    • Community support efforts that primarily focused on programs to assist families in need and local environmental initiatives.

“Our 2017 Annual Sustainability Report describes the first steps we’ve taken in our sustainable journey. As a new organization, we’ve focused on building sustainability into our core business practices,” explained Norm Loberg, Board Chair, Alectra Inc. “We know that using this type of approach in how we operate our business creates long term stakeholder and shareholder value.”

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