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Alectra Utilities invests $1.8 million for new Locke Street equipment

As part of ongoing efforts to re-vitalize Locke Street, Alectra Utilities is pleased to announce the completion of a three part infrastructure modernization project in Hamilton totalling $1.8 million.

The first of a three phase project which runs along Locke Street will replace the old four kilovolt (kV) system, with new, higher voltage 13.8 kV capacity. The $1.8 million investment in Hamilton’s Locke Street is part of a five-year infrastructure commitment undertaken by the utility.

This proactive upgrading includes over 6.8 kilometres (km) of new overhead wires supported by 103 new poles, six new switches and 34 new transformers. These improvements along with 15.8 (km) of secondary cable are part of Alectra Utilities’ commitment to better meet current and future electricity needs.

Several assets throughout Alectra Utilities’ system in Hamilton are facing significant pressures due to increased customer demand and a growing number of system components nearing or at end of life which require replacement. Alectra Utilities allocated a significant budget for capital improvements in 2018, including system renewal efforts.

Alectra Utilities is proud of its continuous investments while supporting growth and providing safe, reliable and sustainable power for customers in the communities we serve. Learn more at www.alectrautilities.com.


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