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Alectra receives Novinium Environmental Stewardship Award for second consecutive year

Novinium, provider of electrical cable rejuvenation for electric utilities, presented an Environmental Stewardship Award to Alectra Utilities for the second consecutive year.

The award was presented Friday to Norm Loberg, Board Chair, Alectra Inc.; Brian Bentz, President and CEO, Alectra Inc. and Max Cananzi, President, Alectra Utilities Corporation by Dean Stone, Regional Sales Manager, Novinium; Chris Sams, VP Sales & Marketing, Novinium at the Alectra Energy Solutions head office in Vaughan. This is the second time that Alectra has won this award, the first time being in November 2017 for the use of cable rejuvenation during 2016.

In 2017, Alectra rejuvenated more than 76,000 meters of underground power cables mitigating 968 metric tons of CO2 that would have otherwise been released into the environment. Rejuvenating existing electrical cable allows it to be recycled in place, eliminating the waste created by otherwise abandoning and replacing failing electrical cable.

“We are honoured to receive this recognition from Novinium for our efforts in rejuvenating cable infrastructure throughout our service territory,” said Brian Bentz, President and CEO of Alectra Inc. “Our commitment to sustainable initiatives is a cornerstone of the values we adhere to at Alectra.”

The Environmental Stewardship Award was established by Novinium to honour the environmental commitment of electrical utilities that choose rejuvenation of their electrical cables over replacing aging, underground power networks. Based on the number of meters of electrical cable rejuvenated in 2017 and the resulting CO2 mitigation, Alectra Utilities is the only Ontario-based utility and one of 10 in North America being presented this award.

“Our mission at Novinium is to help the electrical industry rehabilitate its aging infrastructure at a fraction of the capital cost of replacement and to do so in a way that is safer and more environmentally friendly than replacement alternatives,” says Glen Bertini, CEO of Novinium. “This award recognizes the commitment by electrical utilities to choose a solution that is good for the planet and their clients.”

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