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Alectra: Be a fan of conservation during heat waves

As most of Ontario braces itself for what is expected to be a week-long heat wave, Alectra wants everyone to be mindful of conservation and heat safety practices.

During periods of hot weather energy usage climbs substantially, especially for those who use air conditioning, dehumidifiers or have a pool. Also, appliances such as refrigerators and freezers work harder to maintain cool temperatures under these conditions.

Electricity bills may be higher as a result of increased energy consumption due to warmer weather, but Alectra offers these simple tips to reduce the impact:

  • Make use of a programmable thermostat to regulate your home’s temperature when you are away or during on-peak price periods
  • Make use of ceiling and portable fans to circulate the air as an alternative to air conditioning
  • Consider opening windows and utilizing bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans to help remove warm air from inside your home as an alternative to air conditioning
  • Hang clothes outside instead of using a dryer
  • Use curtains or blinds to shade windows during hot sunny days

In addition to conserving energy Alectra offers these heat safety tips:

  • Tune in regularly to local weather forecasts and take note of heat alerts
  • Arrange to check on family members, neighbours during extremely hot days
  • Find ways to keep cool before and during hot weather
  • Have cool drinks available in your vehicle
  • Take advantage of shaded areas, pools and cooling centres
  • Remember to never leave children or pets in a parked vehicle

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