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Alectra advises customers that hot summer days may cause higher electricity bills

Alectra Utilities is advising home and business owners, especially those who use air conditioning, to anticipate higher than normal electricity bills following recent record-setting, sustained high temperatures and humidity.

In most cases the increase in electricity bills can be attributed to the use of air conditioning, which can account for up to 50 per cent of a home or business’s power consumption when daytime and overnight temperatures are hot. Cooling equipment like refrigerators, freezers as well as dehumidifiers also work harder during heat waves and will contribute to higher bills.

Increases in electricity bills may also be caused by:

• The addition of appliances or other electronic equipment such as a large refrigerator or big screen TV
• Spending more time at home or having visitors stay over
• Using more power during peak Time-of-Use (TOU) price periods
• Operating a pool pump constantly rather than using a timer to schedule it to operate during Off-peak periods

For more information, customers are encouraged to view their TOU electricity consumption profile on the Alectra Utilities “My Account” portal on the company’s website at www.alectrautilities.com.

Discover more ways to lower electricity bills through conservation by visiting www.alectraconservation.com.

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