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GRE&T Centre

GRE&T Centre

Subject to the approval by the Ontario Energy Board of an application to merge Guelph Hydro and Alectra, a new Green Energy & Technology (GRE&T) Centre will be created and located at the Guelph Hydro office building in Guelph.

The mandate of the GRE&T Centre is to identify, evaluate, develop and deploy emerging, green and customer-friendly energy solutions that will position Alectra as a next generation utility. As a hub for green technology solutions, the GRE&T Centre will catalyze the commercialization and mass consumer adoption of green technology, serving as a bridge between the Research and Development (R&D) phase and the full commercialization of these technology solutions.

The Transitional Advisory Committee

A Transitional Advisory Committee, comprised of representatives from the Guelph and Alectra communities, Guelph Hydro/Alectra senior management and subject matter experts in areas of clean energy, sustainability, customer insights and emerging technologies, has been established to provide guidance on strategy planning for the GRE&T Centre.

This impressive group of experts will provide guidance on strategy planning and development of the GRE&T Centre including the setting up of an Accelerator and making recommendations for potential partners, pilots and demonstration projects.

Category Organization Name and Title
Guelph Community Innovation Guelph Anne Toner Fung, Executive Director
Guelph Community Our Energy Guelph / University of Guelph   Kirby Calvert, Assistant Professor Co-Chair, Our Energy Guelph
Guelph Hydro Guelph Hydro Pankaj Sardana, CEO Erik Veneman, Vice President, Innovation & Growth
Alectra Community City of Markham Andy Taylor, Chief Administrative Officer
Alectra Community City of Mississauga Michael Cleland, Director, Environment Division
Alectra Alectra Raegan Bond, Vice President, Conservation & Demand Management Scott Knapman, Vice President, Energy Solutions William Schmidt, Vice President, Information Services  
Academic University of Waterloo, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Claudio Canizares, Professor
Academic/ Accelerator Centre for Urban Energy, Ryerson University   Bala Venkatesh, Academic Director and Professor
Cleantech Industry Itron Inc. Hussain Rizvi, Regional Director, Smart Grid Solutions  
Cleantech Policy Power Advisory LLC Sarah Simmons, Manager, Generation and Emerging Sectors  
Consumer Research   BEworks Kelly Peters, CEO and CoFounder
Consumer Research   Environics Analytics Rupen Seoni, Senior Vice President, Practice Leader
Start-up / Accelerator Advanced Energy Centre (AEC), MaRS Aisha Bukhari, Senior Manager
Start-up / Accelerator Karamella Consulting Inc.     Mark Goldberg, Principal Committee Member, Guelph Municipal Holdings, Strategies and Options Committee
Sustainability Plug’n Drive Cara Clairman, President and CEO